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Candid Home Inspections - a happy couple imagining the interior design while buying a home

We help paint the complete picture.

Home of your dreams or nightmare in the making? Without the assistance of an experienced home inspection professional, buying a home in Greenville, Spartanburg, or the surrounding Upstate area can be a perilous journey.

We work with home buyers in the Upstate to ensure you have a clear picture of the condition of the home you’re buying so you aren’t surprised by hidden repairs and other costs once you sign the contract.

Shining the spotlight!

We provide peace of mind to home buyers. By lifting the veil and shining the light on any issues we uncover, you can be confident in your offer and your home purchase.
Furnace, roofing, plumbing, foundation, and everything in between. We meticulously analyze the details and provide an accurate, honest assessment of the home you’re considering buying to ensure you have all the necessary information to make your decision.
Candid Home Inspections - a happy couple buying a home