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Concierge Services in Greenville, SC

When you use our Concierge Services, you will receive top notch value from our most trusted third party vendors.

We take pride in offering concierge services that help our customers find home maintenance offerings that provide the same level of care that we do. If you have a specific need from the companies below, please click the logos to reveal the special offers. 

Free Termite/Pest Assessment

Request a FREE Radon Test Kit from SCDHEC

Schedule your free assessment for termite and/or pest control services. Compliments of Putman Pest Management

1 hr 30 min. | Free Consultation


Free Radon Test

Request a FREE Radon Test Kit from SCDHEC

Test your home for free! Whether it’s a new home, or one you’ve enjoyed for years, knowledge is power.

Septic Permit Request

Request the original plans for your septic system.

1 hr. | Free Consultation

Free Duke Home Energy Assessment

Eligible homeowners can get a free in-home energy assessment!

1 hr. | Free Consultation

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