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washing machine drain

Washing Machine Drains: Why Size Matters

When it comes to home inspections and the plumbing systems in a house, every detail matters. One of those that can make a significant difference is the size of the
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home inspector

Home Inspectors: A Day In The Life

Being a home inspector can be an interesting and sometimes humorous job. Here are some funny challenges that home inspectors like us might encounter:   Unpredictable Homeowner Pets: As a
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galvanized pipe

Galvanized Water Supply Lines: Why Does It Matter?

Old galvanized water supply lines may not be the first thing on your mind when you think about home maintenance, but they can pose some serious issues if they’re still
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shower anti scald valve

Maintaining Shower Safety: Adjusting Your Anti-Scald Mixing Valve

When it comes to shower safety, an essential component that often goes unnoticed is the anti-scald mixing valve. This small but crucial device ensures that the water temperature in your
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winterize your home

Winter in the South: How to Prepare Your Largest Investment

Winter weather in Spartanburg, SC can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to get your home ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store. At Candid, we understand the importance of
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annual home inspection

The Importance of Annual Home Inspections: A Wise Investment for Homeowners

Owning a home is a significant investment, and like any investment, it requires regular maintenance and care to ensure its longevity. One crucial aspect of home maintenance that often goes
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