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Home Inspectors: A Day In The Life

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Being a home inspector can be an interesting and sometimes humorous job. Here are some funny challenges that home inspectors like us might encounter:


  1. Unpredictable Homeowner Pets: As a home inspector, you never know what kind of furry or feathered friends you might encounter at a property. From overenthusiastic dogs trying to help you inspect to a curious parrot mimicking your comments, it’s all part of the adventure!


  1. Surprising Discoveries: Home inspectors often stumble upon unexpected surprises in homes, like hidden rooms, bizarre home renovations, or peculiar collections. It’s like being a detective, uncovering the secrets of a house.


  1. Awkward Moments: Sometimes, you might walk into a room just as the homeowner is stepping out of the shower or discover an embarrassing family photo on the wall. 


  1. ‘DIY’ Gone Wrong: Homeowners attempting DIY projects often create unique inspection challenges. It’s not unusual to find creative, albeit not very effective, solutions to home improvement problems.


  1. Weird Odors: Homes can have their unique smells, which sometimes leave inspectors wondering what they’ve walked into. From funky cooking experiments to mysterious odors, every day on the job is a sensory adventure.


  1. The ‘Haunted’ House Jokes: Home inspectors often hear jokes about checking for ghosts or spirits in the house. While not scientifically relevant, it’s a common humorous reference.


  1. Overly Detailed Clients: Some clients want every tiny detail documented, which can be amusing when you’re asked to inspect things like the number of nails in a wall or the exact angles of door frames.


  1. The ‘Inspector Gadget’ Moments: Home inspectors often carry various tools and gadgets to aid in their inspections. Sometimes, clients are fascinated by these tools and may even suggest using them for purposes beyond their intended use.


  1. The Great Escape: Home inspectors are occasionally challenged by homes that seem like mazes. Navigating tight crawl spaces or attics can lead to some comical moments and a greater appreciation for flexibility.


In the world of home inspections, humor often arises from the unexpected and unique experiences one encounters. Grant Blackwell and his team at Candid surely have their fair share of funny anecdotes to share with each new property they inspect.